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It’s about a mother-daughter duo who live by the chic for cheap motto. Often times trends and trendy clothes are both expensive and short living. Our goal is to find affordable and fun ways to live our fullest life. Follow our journey to living a positive, healthy, and fashionable life.

Fashion Inspiration on a budget! “Shop Trends Now” w/ ko” (Kaylin) for young trendy ideas! Or “Shop the Look” w/ KO (mom) for clothes for work ideas.
*Chic for Cheap Tip: Always use Rakuten
Hope you guys enjoy it!

Kaylin Okuma – ko:

  • I’m realistic.
  • To me, heels every day, expensive clothes, extravagant outfits, dramatic makeup aren’t reasonable and aren’t me.
  • I find comfort in an affordable outfit that’s cute but appropriate in an everyday setting.

Kim Okuma – KO:

  • I’m 5’3” (really 5’2 ¾”) but let’s round up (short legs and long torso, rectangle shape body)
  • Pants size 4 short (6 if it’s legging or runs small)
  • Tops size 4/6 or small
  • Athletic wear: small tops, medium bottom, medium sports bra
  • Hobby: taking sports photography and creating photobooks