Just Do It!

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Just Do IT

The best time to have gotten started was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now.

Let’s start 2021 off right and start…..whatever it is.⁣

We’ve talked about getting organized (read more here), goal setting for 2021 (read more here), now it’s time to “Just Do It!”

Now that you’re organized and have set some goals we need to take it to the next level and “Just do it!” We both believe strongly in the more you’re organized the more efficient you become. Do you have post-its all over? Do you have numerous “things to do” lists? Let’s spend some time and bring everything together.

Whether you chose to use a paper planner, a digital planner, or a web version (google, outlook) the key is setting aside time for everything you have to do. Everything means to be very specific, from packing your lunch to taking lunch breaks. Creating time slots for all your daily tasks is called block scheduling.

Block Scheduling

Here’s a sample of what we would list in our planner for a week. We broke it down to personal time (gray), work time (blue), side business time (purple), exercise time (yellow). This is a way to see at a glance how you’ve balanced the different categories of health & fitness, work, personal time, and second job time. You can easily see the white open space which is time you can add other items.

Be specific when entering your goals, meetings, doctor appointments. Enter all responsibilities you have throughout the day so you can visually see what time it takes to complete. Also, you will be able to see the times that you have open to schedule more tasks. Account for every item so you don’t overbook your day and you allow time to complete the goals set for the day. The more detailed you are when creating your schedule the more chances for success.

Items we use:
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