Laughing is the Best Medicine

laughing is the best medicine family pic in Missouri

Laughing is the Best Medicine

Did you know that laughing is the best medicine? If you google “laughing is the best medicine”, surprisingly you will see some scientific data.

Here’s some information that we found:

  • Laughter releases endorphins
  • Laughter reduces the level of “stress hormones”
  • Laughter reduces stress
  • Laughter improves job performance
  • Laughter improves quality of life


I’m not sure how we feel about the data but what we can say is we do agree that laughing is the best medicine. When you laugh, your heart rate increases, you feel better and you’re happier. When you feel happier and you have a more positive outlook on life you do better in life.

Want to laugh some? Watch “Girls Trip”

Here’s to hoping 2021 brings all the smiles

Laugh loudly, laugh often,

and most importantly, laugh at yourself.⁣

– Chelsea Handler⁣