wellness wednesday
wellness wednesday
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ankle injury



Raise. Ice. Compress. Elevate.

Ankle injuries are the most inconvenient. You feel it with every step and the swelling naturally moves toward the ankle. Personally, as someone who has been pigeon toed all their life this has been an additional struggle. Rehab and supportive care is crucial for recovery.

workout buddy



Friend. Significant Other. Dog. Family.


I can easily go from wanting to be a couch bum to working out for over an hour with a workout buddy. Accountability motivates me to do better. I workout harder and longer when I have a buddy at my side. 

Get up and don’t let them down.

ab workout



Abs Workout App


This app is 5-10 min that I try to complete every evening before bed. Personally, I have never been a fan of Ab workouts but I’ve realized how important they really are. They help with back issues, posture, etc. They are the core of your health (get it). If you don’t strengthen your core it’ll inevitably cause other issues in the future. To challenge yourself skip the breaks.

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