Black Short Sleeve Top

White & Black Short Sleeve Top Combination

Here’s a casual black and white work outfit. Here is the same top from “In my Closet” that I have in pale pink. I don’t have a link to the specific top, so I included one similar. I really like this top because it’s so slimming. The pant is one of my favorite, slightly stretchy, and good for a rectangle-shaped body. White isn’t always available, but the jeans are usually available year-round. I have not tried the high-waisted but they currently have that in stock in white. I got these sandals on sale in the fall but it’s such a popular style they are back in stock. Right now they are regular price, but if you can wait I got it for under $50. They are perfect because they are super comfortable and the heel height is only 2.6″. Easy to slip on and off and complete this casual outfit. To up your game you can add a piece of jewelry. This is a Tiffany Necklace which is a retired outfit. The more current version is here. It is very pricey but one thing we mention here on Ko2uture, is to spend money on some items that will last a lifetime. As you were the item the price per wear goes down. I have had this necklace for more than 20 years and it still looks brand new! I have worn it so many times that it’s basically free to wear at this point. So, invest in some good pieces of jewelry and bags and you won’t be sorry.

Jeans: size 6 or 28 (runs slim)
Sandals: size 6.5

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