Short Slimming Shift Dresses for Work

Eyelet Shift Dresses for Work

Slimming shift dress in navy blue is another one of my favorite dress styles. Flows straight down but narrow and has lining so it covers any areas of concern. The eyelet design is very traditional and super feminine looking. The sandals are not available, but any basic white sandal would complete the outfit. The second dress is in black but very similar to the navy dress. The white sandals I’ve worn with both dresses.

Here’s a similar shift dress in red with lace and eyelet at the top and bottom. When choosing a shift dress take into consideration how narrow the fit is. You want some space so it’s not as tight as a sheath dress (body hugging dress style), but not too much space so you like you’re wearing a potato sack. If you find the right combination, it can be a perfect choice to look slim.

Dress: size Medium
Sandals: size 6.5



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