Tank Top Bodysuit

Body Contour Spring-Colored Bodysuit

Spring-colored bodysuit: An easy way to create a spring work outfit is to add a pop of spring color. Here is a baby blue or lime green body contour bodysuit, but it comes in several different colors and is currently on sale (plus Rakuten). Pairing the spring-colored body-contour bodysuit with my normal black pants and a striped cardigan. The striped cardigan is a v-neck button-down. Slim fitting, 3/4 sleeve, 35% polyester, lightweight, and comes in a few colors and prints. Chic for Cheap Budget Tip: buy one basic black slide and use it every week!

Earrings: Convertible Link
Bodysuit: size Medium
Cardigan: size Small
Pants: size 4
Sandals: size 6


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