Best Mascara Primer to Hold Curl

best mascara primer

Best Eyelash Primer

Pmel Essence is the absolute best Mascara Primer to hold the curl! Our eyelashes are naturally straight. Over the years we’ve searched for a product that holds the curl without using waterproof mascara. We recently found Pmel mascara primer from Japan that works the best with any mascara to keep your lashes curled literally ALL DAY! 

best mascara primer

Step One: A must have is an eyelash curler and any eyelash curler would work. We like Shu Uemura because it is very comfortable for asian shaped eyes. If you’re undecided try ShuUemura it has been our go-to for years! Start as close to the base of your eyelashes as you can. Hold for a few seconds each time you crimp. Move eyelash curler towards the tip, not going beyond halfway.

shuemura eyelash curler

Step Two: Apply Pmel Essence (best mascara primer) this is the KEY to keeping your eyelashes curled! It’s like hairspray for your lashes. Another great mascara primer if you like fibers: here’s one of our favorites or Dr. Mascara Fixer or Kiss Me.

pmel essense mascara primer

Step Three: Use your favorite mascara, any mascara will work with the primers above! One of mom’s favorites for years is Lancome Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara. It goes on sale periodically at Nordstrom or Sephora. A drug store dupe for the Lancome Hypnose Drama are the Maybelline Volume Express Falsies (Chic for Cheap always looking for the deals!)

lancome hypnose drama

Also, we top off our mascara with the BCL browlash Ex Lash Sculpture Mascara. This is a comb and thickens but separates eyelashes. It is found here for a better price (Japan mascara). This is our top favorite for top coat!!

Hope your eyelashes stay curled and look long all day long!

Mascara Review

LancomeHypnose DramaCurvedOne of my all-time favorites is Hypnose Drama, and I’ve repurchased it for years! It’s a curved brush. The bristles are further apart to create separation and no clumping. The formula is medium, but it lengthens, and with additional coats, it will create volumize.

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