Shop Rakuten and Earn Money

SHOP RAKUTEN and earn money

Shop Rakuten and Earn Money

2021 updated promotions that we shopped Black Friday:

Shop Rakuten and Earn Money! Chic for Cheap’s best-kept secret, Rakuten!

Just over a year ago we joined Rakuten because a friend had referred us. At first, we thought it was a waste of time or a gimmick. How can you do your shopping and get paid to do it? It seemed too good to be true, so we didn’t join. Fast forward the clock and what do you have to lose?? We decided to try it and signed up, and have been making money ever since!!!

Step 1

Joining Rakuten is free and easy! This is how the homepage looks

rakuten homepage

If you’re on a desktop/laptop click on Rakuten formerly Ebates. You will be prompted to complete a “join now” form. Insert your email and a password. 

sign up page for rakuten

Or you can access Rakuten through the mobile app. Create an account the same way as a desktop, enter your email and password.

rakuten mobile screenshot

Rakuten has more than 2500+ stores that you can shop. Stores run different promotions all the time, from coupons to more than 10% return. Check out our homepage to see where we like to shop!

Our first try was with Sephora. We signed in to Rakuten and then signed into our Sephora account, shopped around, ordered some items, and got cashback!!! WTH yup we got cashback, it was amazing! We’ve earned as much as 8% cashback from Sephora (the % cashback varies). It was so easy we started to use it with other stores Loft, Banana, Shutterfly, different airlines, and even hotels. Discounts vary so you have to check all the time for deals and % off. Having a little extra money while you shop is great and allows you to shop more!!! This is a must-do for all the Chic for Cheap shoppers out there!

Additional information


If you use Rakuten on your phone, you have to remember to start your shopping in the Rakuten app. The app will then transfer you to the store you want to shop. This process allows Rakuten to track your order to receive your cashback. You can view your transactions on your Rakuten account.


To make it easier for you to remember to use Rakuten download the Rakuten extension. See here for instructions on how to download the Rakuten extension on different browsers). The extension will automatically alert you if the webpage has a Rakuten special. All you need to do is click on the alert and it activates your cashback. 

April 2021 update: safari has an extension

Using Rakuten is such a seamless process. Payment checks are sent out quarterly and can be sent directly to you or a PayPal account of your choice.

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