7 Best Dresses for Work

dresses for work in navy blue

Shift Dresses are a Great Option for Year-Round Workwear

Are you looking for the best dresses for work (here are more dress option)? Read below for my top 7 best dress picks for work that you can wear year-round. Plus 5 bonus Chic for Cheap Tips!

I’ve listed either shift (straight up and down) style. Or A-line (fitted through the bodice and flare out) dresses. What they all have in common is they hide your midsection and give you a slim look.

#1 Chic for Cheap Tip: Loft and JCrew Factory have fantastic summer dress sales!

#1 A-Line Dress

Traditional Black Ruffle Sleeveless Dress

black ruffle sleeveless dress

Loft and JCrew Factory dresses are my favorite and I stock up every year. A-Line style is considered tight around the bodice and flares out. Most importantly the key to looking slim is that the bottom does not flare too much. Sandals are the perfect Valentino Dupe! The heel height is perfect and they are super comfortable!

#2 Chic for Cheap Tip: Many of the styles listed are traditional and are available throughout the year, wait for a sale.

Sandals: size 6
Dress: Similar
Tiffany: Necklace

#2 Shift Dress

Mini Sleeveless Eyelet Dress

navy ruffle sleevless dress

What makes a shift dress? One that flows almost straight down. A common style which comes out every year, but right now it’s not available. Here’s a similar choice at Target on clearance for $22. Dress up a plain dress with some funky sandals and big jewelry pieces to make things exciting!

#3 Chic for Cheap Tip: Don’t forget to use your Rakuten

Necklace: Gorjana
Sandals: Similar
Dress: Similar (I have this dress)

#3 Racerback Shift Dress

Pink Dress & Duster Cardigan

raceback shift dress in pink

I have this racerback dress in 3 colors. A second shift style and is very slimming if you have areas you want to hide. It is one of my go to dresses when traveling because its polyester &  spandex, thin and doesn’t wrinkle.

Here the racerback shift dress is in pink. It’s paired with a duster style cardigan. I like this brand because its super soft, lightweight, and one of my favorite outfits for spring!

Sandals: size 6.5 (I wear these white sandals now)
Cardigan: size Small
Necklace: Similar

#4 Racerback Shift Dress in Black

Black Dress & Kimono

racerback shift dress in black

Here the same racerback shift dress is in black. In place of a duster, I paired it with a thin Kimono from a local boutique. To give the solid color dress a pop I added this heavy chain Tiffany necklace.

#4 Chic for Cheap Tip: Mixing and matching different price points is a great way to create a balanced wardrobe with expensive and budget-friendly items.

Sandals: size 6.5 (I wear these white sandals now)
Kimono:size Small (this is similar but I have this one)
Necklace: Similar

#5 Green Racerback Shift Dress

Green Dress & Budget Cardigan for $13

Green racerback sheath dress leith

This is the last color I have in the racerback dress. Pairing it with a cardigan you can create the perfect workwear. A great deal at $13 and comes in several colors. It has a button-down front, fits true to size (small), and is very well made!

A great way to elevate your workwear is to layer your necklaces. The long necklace is from Nordstrom Rack and was on sale for under $20 (Gorjana but sold out). Pair it with a shorter necklace from Tiffany.

#5 Chic for Cheap Tip: You’ll always hear us say “Price per Wear” and this means even if you spend a little more money for an item, the more you wear it the price goes down.

Cardigan: size Small
Dress: Similar

#6 Shift Dress Eyelet

Navy Blue Dress Covered with Eyelet

shift eyelet dress navy blue


Here’s a different version of the shift style dress that is still narrow and has lining so it covers any areas of concern. The eyelet design is very traditional and super feminine looking. To complete this look add a pair of white sandals. This pair of sandals is not available, but any basic white sandals would complete the outfit. I wore this pair of white sandals as well.

Sandal: size 6.5
Dress: size Small (Similar but I have this one too)


#7 Red Shift Dress

Red Dress with Eyelet on the Top and Bottom

eyelet shift dress in red


Here’s a similar shift dress in red with lace and eyelet at the top and bottom. Items to look for when choosing a shift dress. First item to look slimming is to have some space, but not too much space. If there’s too much space you will look like you’re wearing a potato sack. The fit should be narrow but not as tight as a sheath dress (body-hugging dress style). If you find the right combination, it can be a perfect choice to look slim.

Dress: size Small (Similar but I have this one too)
Sandals: size 6