The Best Sunscreen Swimwear for Women Over 50

The Best Sunscreen Swimwear for Women Over 50

Why I chose the best sunscreen swimwear for women over 50! About 20 years ago I found a suspicious discoloration on my chest and went to the dermatologist. She diagnosed me with basal cell superficial. Ever since then, I have worn sunscreen on my face and neck daily even if I’m in the office. When I go outside I wear a visor and sunscreen clothes. My favorite stores to purchase sun-wear are Coolibar, Sunday Afternoons, and UV Line.

Coolibar Kaycos Shrug sunscreen

My absolute favorite piece from Coolibar is the Kaycos Shrug!!! I love this piece because I can wear a swimsuit while I’m in the shade but when I’m in the sun I just pull this over and it covers my chest (which is where they found the skin cancer), my shoulder, back of my neck and all my arms. When I’m out of the sun I can just take it off. It’s like a jacket but just the top portion and it comes in several colors! Super awesome the best piece for sun protection.

Coolibar big wave swim skort

Shorebreak skirted swim shorts. these are great because it’s shorts so you move around but the skirt over the shorts gives it a feminine cute look. All the bottoms that I’ve purchased from Coolibar have a gripper elastic band to hold the pants up. I have very sensitive skin to elastic and this one is super comfortable and sits nicely on your skin. The length is good for petite frames and best of all it’s UPF 50+. The newer version has a mesh pocket in the front.

Coolibar Shorebreak Skirted Swim Shorts
Coolibar ripple swim shorts

Ripple swim shorts are on sale right now so great buy. The big wave swim skort and the ripple swim shorts look very similar. If you feel uncomfortable/overexposed with a bikini bottom these are perfect! High rise and loose fitting with a comfortable elastic band. The fabric is the same as the 3-in-1.

Coolibar Lanikai 3-in-1 Swim Bottoms.3
Web 1920 – 5Coolibar Shorebreak Skirted Swim Shorts.2

Lanikai 3-in-1 swim bottoms, this is a great versatile piece!! You can wear it as a one-piece swimsuit, skirt, or a ruches bikini bottom. I use it most often as a skirt, which covers areas areas that might concern some of us. If you choose to use it as a one-piece swimsuit there’s no padding.

Coolibar Interval Jacket

Tulip swim capri is a great buy, regularly priced at $49 it has the same comfortable elastic band as the swim shorts and skirt. My skin is sensitive and I usually break out in a rash with plastic, but this band is comfortable and I haven’t gotten a rash. The length is great for petite girls. It comes in blue and black and at different times of the year there are more color options.

Lastly, a sunscreen jacket is tailored and lightweight. Not quite as thin as all the swimwear. Great to use after swimming, in the shade, running, or any type of athletics. Super stylish and comfortable.

All of the swimwear that I have purchased are either aqua vesta or aqua classic fabric. Both are lightweight, quick dry, UPF 50+ and super comfortable!

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