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Best App to Workout for Free

Hey everyone, wanna workout for free! The new year has begun and we are checking in to see if you are working out? One of our goals for 2021 was to work-out at least 3-4 times a week. We are always looking for ways to stay motivated and make working-out fun while still being on a budget! See some of our Wellness Wednesday Tips to inspire you! (hiking, work-out with a buddy, or make cardio enjoyable) all are FREE!

Watch our Workout

Staying fit is an especially important part of staying healthy so we are here to share our latest find for working out. The app is called FITON, it’s free (which is great for our budget-friendly crowd) and we are absolutely obsessed with it! We have mentioned it in a few posts this year and there is such a large variety of workouts to choose from that it’s great for any level.

Register for Free:

It’s so easy to use, just download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

FITON workout app from google play store                          FITON workout app from apple app store

Create an account, again it is totally FREE! It will ask you a few questions to create a profile.

register for fiton workout for free                              register for fiton workout for free               

  1. How many meals do you eat per day?
  2. What type of diet do you follow?
  3. What items do you struggle with?
  4. What holds you back from eating healthy?

Ready to Workout for Free!

Account created and you’re ready to go! FITON will create a customized plan for you depending on your response to the above questions. However, even if FITON has created a plan, you can still choose the work out of your choice.

You can choose from any of these topics:

  • You can choose to do a live workout
  • By categories: there’s over 20 categories on-demand including HIIT, cardio, yoga, barre, kickboxing, and more
  • By target area
  • By workout length of time (5-30+ minutes)
  • By level of intensity


workout video fiton

Upgrade to PRO:

We enjoyed the app so much we did the upgrade, which includes playing music you choose, and being able to facetime and work out with friends together. Another benefit to the PRO version is meal planning but that’s for another post.

We are both wearing our Lululemon short dupes from Amazon (Mom in 4inch and Kaylin in 2.5), which we both have a few pairs.  In addition to the shorts Mom has a Nike racerback tank and Kaylin has an Adidas racerback tank, both are so old we had to look for something that looks similar.

Enjoy working out and staying healthy!