JINS Glasses in 30 minutes

JINS glasses in 30 minutes

Prescription Glasses in 30 Minutes

Wear your next pair of JINS glasses in 30 minutes!

JINS glasses in 30 minutes

When Mom goes to Japan or San Francisco one of her favorite stores is JINS. JINS is a walk-in store where you can buy prescription glasses in 30 minutes. It’s like a lens crafter but at a total discount!

JINS sunglasses

The biggest perk is they have an option for those with a Flat nose bridge. Look for the “alternative fit” glasses, these frames come with a larger bridge to accommodate the flat nose bridge. Other options include blue light protection, free shipping, and insurance reimbursement.

Select your frame and have your prescription with you. Check-out is a breeze and 30 minutes later you’re walking out with a new pair of glasses!

If you’re not close to a JINS store you can order glasses online and also try on glasses virtually! Just upload your current prescription and shipping is free. Kaylin has ordered this way several times. The quality is good and the customer service is wonderful!

JINS glasses with black frame

Mom bought a pair of glasses in Japan and requested the wrong prescription. When she came home she emailed their customer services and received support to get it corrected. No issues awesome customer service!

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