Faux Fur Vest

Long sleeve t-shirt dress with matching faux fur

Looking Chic with a Faux Fur Vest

Try this Faux Fur Vest! Want a budget-friendly outerwear that transforms a plain outfit into a chic look? Add a little fur and it elevates your look!

brown faux fur with combat boots

I had this plain long sleeve black dress and wanted to dress it up. I added this faux fur vest to give the plain dress a chic look. You can continue this outfit by adding some heels to keep it dressy. combat boots with faux fur vest

Or you can keep it casual/edgy and wear some combat. I chose black combat boots which give the outfit a little pop.

Another option would be to keep it casual all the way with jeans and a plain black long/short/tank top and keep the combat boots.

faux fur vest

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brown bodycon with brown faux fur vest