6 Top Luxury Home Essentials that you Must-Have

luxury home essential is a sleep number bed

My Favorite Luxury Home Essentials

Our top luxury home essentials! Chic for Cheap is all about the deals and finding affordable ways to keep up with current fashion. Hopefully, the money you saved from the bargains we find for you can be used to purchase some of these must-have luxury home essentials! Some of these items we have had for years and are tried and proved to be worth the price.

#1 The Best Bed

luxury home essentials bed

My top must have luxury home essential would be my Sleep Number Bed! a few years ago we decided to purchase a new bed. In the past we’ve always bought your basic mattress, not thinking that it really mattered what mattress you sleep on. I remember having a conversation with someone who had been a firm believer in the sleep number bed. I was very very skeptical, how could a bed mattress matter that much? I was used to struggling to get out of bed because of previous back issues. I thought this was normal. I finally decided to take a chance and spend some money and buy a Sleep Number Bed.

Sleep number bed

I did some research online and chatted with a sleep number agent to get a recommendation for me. Then I decided to go to the store to test the beds out. The salesperson was very friendly and helpful. He explained the different series and what it offers. I highly recommend you do your due diligence and research before purchasing! Chat or call their customer service they are very helpful and can explain all the details about the sleep number bed. I also highly recommend you buy it on SALE or use a coupon code.

This bed has changed my life!! It wasn’t something that I realized on day 1 but after the first couple of weeks, I sleep better, NO backache when I roll out of bed. We originally had settled on the FlexFit base, which means we could adjust the head and feet to any position but with one mattress. A last-minute change in the decision we decided to go with the California King Split Mattress. This would allow each of us to position the head and foot separately, rather than one mattress moving simultaneously up and down. One mattress meant that both sides would have to be positioned the same way at the same time. This model is more expensive but it has been well worth the price tag. Absolutely, no regrets and the best sleep I have ever had. I cannot do without this sleep number bed!

#2 Dyson Vacuum Handheld

Dyson vacuum handheld

Is it worth the dollars to buy this cordless vacuum? I never thought I would spend that amount of money on a vacuum! But….Someone brought a cordless Dyson vacuum handheld to work and that was mind-blowing! We have a small space at work, so the cordless model is space-saving and life-changing. Now, the question was is it worth it to purchase it for my house? Yes, its slim and sleek design makes it easy to maneuver, and cordless makes it convenient to use at any time and any place in your house. But the main highlight that sets Dyson apart is the power and ability to pick up everything in sight. You can vacuum with any other vacuum cleaner and then go over it with a Dyson and the Dyson will still clean more. The Dyson handheld’s come with various attachments depending on the model and range in price. We have V11 Animal+ model and we love it! This is the number 2 of the luxury home essentials that I HIGHLY recommend, try one of the Dyson models!

#3 This Massage Chair is the Best

reclining massage chair

The 3rd luxury home essential is a reclining massage chair, it’s the best gift you can give yourself. This is another HUGE investment but will last you for years and will help to keep you healthy and young. We’ve purchased two in our lifetime so far, the first one was 30+ years ago and does not have any of the features found in today’s models. The newer models have features like airbag massage, leg massage, Bluetooth capability, foot rollers, heat, and zero-gravity position. We own a Daiwa but they are only available in select areas.

massaging reclining chair

I did some research and there are some great options on Amazon. This model has the most reviews Real Relax 2022 S Track , it’s moderately priced and looks to have similar features as the Daiwa. The second option that seems to have a lot of reviews on google is the Osaki line of massage chairs. Osaki OS-Champ, Osaki OS-4000LS, and the top of the line would be the Osaki OS-Pro with all the bells and whistles. I know I’ve said this throughout this post but these are all my favorite luxury home essentials that I cannot do without and make my life much more healthier!

#4 Smart Lock Door

Upgrade your house to a smart lock door from Yale. Once you change to keyless door entry you won’t turn back. This is the 4th must-have luxury home essential. Gone are the days when you carry a bunch of keys. You enter a code and the door automatically unlocks. The Yale model we have has a touchscreen keypad that is backlit so you can see the numbers at any time of the day. Installation was super easy, I pulled up a youtube video and followed the directions. I haven’t used the wifi and Bluetooth features but it has the capability for voice assistance and lock and unlocks from your phone. The smart lock door from Yale has been a game-changer for our whole family and something I can’t do without.

#5 Smart AC Control

How to turn your old split air into smart ac. We have 3 split air systems that range from 5-to 20+ years old, which some should be replaced but that’s for another post. So, if you’re trying to turn your house into a smart household this is one of the easiest options. The Sensibo Sky is a small unit (smaller than your cellphone) and you need one per air condition unit.

Installation is easy, but you need wifi. To see if it will work with your unit go to the site and enter your model. You download their app and you can control the air conditioner unit from anywhere. They have a feature geo-location which you can set up so that the air turns on and off automatically before you come home and after the last person leaves. We have a pretty stable routine so to save electricity we schedule the units to turn on and off at specific times every day. This is a small price to pay to create an energy-efficient cool household!

#6 This Steamer for Clothes is the Best

The item that helps you look your best every day is a clothes steamer. I purchased the Rowenta on a whim and really liked it! I had it for years and then I broke it (due to a user’s error, not the product). I tried a couple of other brands and none of the other brands functioned as well as the Rowenta. This was the most stable when standing and the steam was the best, consistent and it doesn’t drip water.

Rowenta Garment Steamer

My only complaint is that it doesn’t have a safety turn-off feature. My model is no longer available but the current model does have the auto shut-off, so that’s a huge plus! Never use a regular iron again, opt for a garment steamer.

These are a few luxury home essentials that we have purchased over the years and feel it’s worth spending the money. They can change your life for the better and spending money on good quality household items can last you forever! *Chic for Cheap Tip: The price per wear (use), which means the more you wear/use an item the price goes down each time. Happy shopping, hope it changes your life in the most positive way!