Casual Work Outfit Simply Chic!

casual work outfit

Fall Casual Work Outfit

Here is another Casual Work Outfit and like always on a budget. Kaylin is wearing a rust-brown Boho-style top with long butterfly sleeves. The top has a low V cut so it can be worn like a cardigan. If you’re looking more for a spring outfit here’s a similar Boho style top but in the crop style. Another staple in our wardrobe is the crop cami top ($6 and cashback with Rakuten)! Comes in various colors. Another great option is here.

JINS glasses

Accessorizing is always key to change a simple outfit into something a little more chic! For starters, these glasses from JINS are the best prescription glasses that you can get in 30 minutes. Especially for those of you who don’t have a high nose bridge they have what they call “alternative fit”. The alternative fit is totally awesome, it’s super comfortable if you struggle with your glasses falling down. Kaylin is wearing LMF-19S-048 in the color “Fire on Gold”. JINS is one of our favorite brands for eyewear.

stud earrings and brown causal work top

The latest accessory is the Oura Ring . This is a new toy and a bit pricier but it is in line with our philosophy on health and wellness. It’s a ring, Kaylin is wearing it and it tracks your sleep and recommends to you how much activity you should do for the day. If you had a good night’s rest it will recommend high fitness, but if you didn’t sleep very well it will recommend a day of recuperation. It helps you plan your activity for the day. Kaylin is also wearing a pair of cubic zirconia barbell screw flat back earrings.

complete casual work outfit

Don’t forget a good crossbody purse. We like the size of the crossbody bags because they’re just big enough to fit the bare minimum, our phone, keys, and wallet. Plus, they add a nice touch to your outfit. We have more outfits and crossbody bags here. Kaylin is wearing a black coach crossbody with a gold chain (similar here).cell phone case

Last but far from least elevate your casual work outfit with this square iPhone case (or view our amazon tech page) and the basic black pants. Mom’s closet is basically 90% black pants. Kaylin is wearing a basic black pants from Charlotte russe (Rakuten and on sale!). The pants are high-waisted and three button’s at the top. Mom’s favorites are Loft and Banana Republic. Both are very well made; mom has had hers for years! At the Banana Republic, she likes the Sloan style. At Loft anything with “Stretch”. Chic for Cheap always waits for a sale and you can get a good pants for under $30. And always use Rakuten for cashback.