Cozy Loungewear!

black and pink lounge wear with Grey tank

Casual Holiday Outfits

Holidays are great, and they’re even better when you get to spend time with the daughter! We made use of some cozy loungewear since we both didn’t have to work! These are two of my favorite joggers. Both brands are super soft, comfortable, elastic drawstring waistband and come in several colors. I’ve also used the joggers for traveling, and I have them in black, dark grey, light grey, white, and pink. I am wearing a medium which is baggy, I definitely could have worn a small so depending on how tight the fitting you’re looking for. Both are similar price points, but the “Chic for Cheap” tip would be to go for the LOFT when it’s on sale because you can get it for under $30!

Top: size XS
Pants: size M
Pants: size M
Faux Fur: S or M
Faux Fur Twist: S or M