What to Pack for a Weekend Vegas Trip!

what to pack for a weekend

Going on a Trip?

What to pack for a weekend in Vegas? Or traveling anywhere for just the weekend? Come along with us and see what we packed for this short weekend getaway!

Here’s What to Pack for a Weekend

The Chic for Cheap hint on this trip is to pack your basics and reuse them. When you’re on a budget and short on space using basics is a key to save both money and space. A staple in Kaylin’s closet is her white tennis shoes. The shoes were pricey but if you wear them all the time then your price per wear goes down tremendously and makes it worth the purchase!

She pairs the shoes with everything from shorts, pants, skirts, and even dresses. See here for other outfits she wore with these shoes. Another basic piece that she packed was a pair of white distressed jean shorts. Kaylin had 3 different outfits with one pair of white shorts (similar here), that’s enough outfits for the whole weekend!

One new addition for this trip was a splurge from Volcom. Volcom is a Surfing/ Skateboarding brand that is very popular in Hawaii because of the casual beach style, which is great for year-round warm weather. She forgot to pack her bikini and Volcom was running a special pocket tee, bikini top & bottom, and an accessory for $99. What a steal for a good quality bikini and the additional pocket-tee and straw hat was perfect!

Outfit # 1:

A pocket tee from Volcom is a super cute casual shirt to wear for sightseeing, walking the strip, or just hanging out at a slot machine. Kaylin paired the tee with the basic white jeans shorts and tennies. To spice it up a little she added this straw hat. Perfect addition for the sunny weather!!


Outfit # 2:

This bikini top is made from 82% Econyl regenerated nylon. What is Econyl? It is the recycling of nylon materials. So, this animal print triangle top is totally Eco True! How cool is that??! Kaylin is reusing her white shorts and straw hat, and of course the white tennies!  The print on the Bikini top is matching with the print on the straw hat.

dalmation print top with white tennis shoes

Outfit #3:

Dressing up the basic white shorts and tennies with this cute summer Dalmatian print top (also seen here with our Summer Haul from Shein). This top is perfect for the warm weather with its butterfly sleeve and lightweight material. The ruffle hem adds some volume to your hips which is good for the rectangle-shaped body, and the belted waist is great to pull in the mid-section.


Outfit #4:

Change things up for a date night! Black bodycon dress with a solid white cape blazer. The cape blazer is great to change a simple day dress into a night-out dress! Also great to wear in the Summer and transition into the Fall.