Sleeveless Trench Coat Outfit for Fall

sleeveless trench for fall

Beige Sleeveless Trench Coat Outfit

beige sleeveless trench for fall

Sleeveless Trench Coat

A sleeveless trench coat outfit for fall is my favorite! Living in Hawaii the weather isn’t ever cold enough for a regular trench coat. The best alternative to wear a trench but be in warm weather is a sleeveless trench coat outfit. This sleeveless coat comes in beige and black. It’s faux suede and is super soft and comfortable! I chose beige to contrast with my all-black closet. And because it’s sleeveless I can still use it during the summer.

Favorite Cami

These are my favorite cami’s. These are slim fitting and lined so you can’t see through. The racerback adds to the slimming look with the scalloped edge giving a dainty look.

Faux Leather Legging

For this year’s Nordstrom anniversary sale I wanted to try something different from Spanx faux leather leggings. I tried these leggings with faux leather on the front and knit back panels on the back. I really like it, it’s comfortable and because of the knit back, it’s much more breathable. high waist and it’s good for casual or you can dress them up. the best is that it has back pockets! The length was a little long but I had some free alterations at Nordstrom so I had them hemmed.


Tom’s is one of my favorite brands for booties. The soles are super comfortable and the toe is rounded for wider feet. I can walk in them all day long without my feet being painful or tired. This is an old version but I recently bought a wedge style.
Trench: size Small
Cami: size Small
Legging: size Medium
Bootie: size 6