My Favorite 10 Gadget Fix from Amazon

gadget fix

My Summer Favorite 10 Gadget Fix!


1) Laptop and Monitor Mount for Desk

A laptop and monitor mount for a desk is the greatest gizmo for a workstation. The laptop mount can hold a laptop up to 17 inches. It was super easy to assemble and is very sturdy. I was able to set it up myself pretty quickly. I have a 24″ monitor and a 14″ laptop and I can adjust each vertically so the 2 screens are aligned. It’s ergonomic as you can tilt and angle both monitor and laptop to your liking and preference. The stand is a space saver as it is narrow and inconspicuous and lifts the monitor and laptop off the desktop.

2) Simplehuman Soap Dispenser Dupe

During the pandemic, we had to adjust our lifestyle and how we sanitized everything we contacted. Something simple as this automatic soap dispenser was a great gadget to have. Here’s a Simplehuman soap dispenser dupe, it’s hands-free, battery-operated, affordable, and sanitizing.

3) Air Conditioner Deflector

If you have to sit in front of an air conditioner and have the air blowing directly in your face, you know how uncomfortable that can be. I bought several cheap air conditioner deflectors because I didn’t want to spend the money. They were flimsy, accumulated condensation, and didn’t deflect anything. This one has been the absolute best air conditioner deflector ever!! It’s sturdy, clear, and very sleek looking and more than does the job. I have a split unit air conditioner right over my head at home with the air blowing right into my face. This air conditioner deflector does not condensate and deflects perfectly!!

4) Over the Ear Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth

I just love my AirPods Pro 3 Wireless Earbuds since they connect super easy and there’s so much more you can do with your iPhone. But….. I find when it’s time to do any physical activity, the AirPods fall out of my ear easily so I was on the search for some over-the-ear wireless earbuds Bluetooth. This 4-star model with over 18k views has been the perfect fit! It has 10 hours of playtime, is super comfortable, noise canceling, and comes in e few colors to make it fun.


5) Yeti Dupe

I have been on a mission to drink the recommended daily amount of water. This stainless steel water bottle thermos comes with a straw and keeps the water cold. This is a 5-star double-walled Yeti dupe with over 50k reviews, but the best thing about this water bottle is there are so many colors to choose from and several different sizes to fit any need.

6) Clean Dirty Magnet Dishwasher

We used to have a clothespin that had a magnet on the back with a note clipped that had “clean” on one side and “dirty” on the other. It was super ghetto until Kaylin’s great clean dirty magnet dishwasher gadget find. A magnetic sign that slides to expose the “clean” or “dirty” so everyone always knows if the dishes are washed or not. It comes in several different colors to match your kitchen decor. It’s a 5-star amazon choice and for under $10 how can you go wrong!!! It’s a perfect item that everyone needs for their kitchen.


7) Theragun Dupe

A Theragun dupe for sure, this 4.5 star with over 15k reviews is just as good as the original Thermagun! It comes with 6 attachments and is lightweight, strong, and has helped the whole family with loosening muscles and increasing blood flow.


8) Roll-Up Sink Rack

Another kitchen gadget must have, is this roll-up sink dish rack. It’s 20.5×13.1 and is a 5-star with 6k reviews. What makes this dish rack over sink bomb??? You just simply roll it up when you don’t need it and roll it out when you need it. Its anti-slip silicone makes it very strong and rustproof.


9) ID Holder for Lanyard

Because of my sensitive skin, it’s hard for me to wear a lanyard with ID holder. I finally found this cute magnet holder. It’s really an eyeglass holder and comes in several colors. The magnet is extremely strong, I use it on my jeans, and any work pants, and I have never had it fall off. I’m always thinking about how it will look and these come in black, silver, gold, and pearls. it’s easy to change with your outfit so you can match any accessory that you like. It’s an excellent substitute for an ID holder with a lanyard. It’s 4.5 stars and over 4k reviews.


10) Food Strainer

Do you ever wonder how to strain hot items after you’ve cooked them in a pot? This cool food strainer gadget is the perfect tool for straining noodles, vegetables or anything that you want to strain?