End of Summer Tankini Swimsuits at Amazon

tankini swimsuits at amazon

Black Stylish Tankini Swimsuits at Amazon

Tankini 1

This is not a typical strapless tankini but a one-shoulder strap swimsuit at amazon. The one shoulder is super stylish and helps to keep the top in place. The ruching down the sides hides any bumps or lumps you might want to cover. Black is always a slimming color but it comes in a variety of colors.

Tankini 2

The second tankini has a simple look from the front, but all the style is in the back with multiple crossing straps. The amazon women’s bathing suit with straps gives it that chic for cheap look. It says to size up so I got a size 12 but I think a 10 would have fit a little better. Fitted through the bust but loose fitting through the midsection, this tankini has ruching on the side as well. I find that ruching is very flattering for any type of swimsuit. Colorful options are available in this style also.

Swimsuit Bottom

If you’re trying to hide your stomach and/or upper thigh area this is a great swimsuit bottom high-waisted choice for you!

The ruffles at the bottom give a soft look and cover your hip and upper thigh area. The high-waist and ruching down the sides are slimming and cover any problem areas. The swimsuit bottom side tie can be pulled up to show more leg or let out to cover a wider area.


I’ve tried a few leopard print swimsuit cover-ups from Amazon and I couldn’t seem to find the perfect one until this one. This was super soft and wrinkle-free. I liked this swimsuit cover-up because it’s a pullover, not a button-up.

I think having both styles, a pullover and a button-down for poolside are great swimsuits cover up womens basics. The advantage of having a pull-over style is you don’t have to worry about buttoning your shirt and the ease of just slipping it over is great. How can you go wrong for under $10!


These under $20 Valentino flip-flop dupes are perfect for beach wear or poolside. Compared to the $420 Valentino Rubber Rockstud Thong that looks no different. They are made of plastic so water friendly.

Straw Bag

I added a new accessory this summer with this straw bag. I wanted a chic for cheap look and found one on Amazon. I took off the colored tassel because I feel it elevated the look. It’s pretty spacious. And perfect for a casual day at the pool.

Earrings, hairclips, and slip-on flip-flops are the last touches for a great summer at the beach/pool outfit.

1st Tankini: size Medium
2nd Tankini: size 12
High Waisted Bottom: size Medium
Cover-Up: size Small
3rd Slip-On: size 6
Earrings: silver
Hairclip: 3 Inch

Straw Bag: beige