Top Travel Essentials 2021

travel essentials a grey carry on

Must Have Travel Essentials

As vaccines are rolling out we are slowly transitioning to a new “normal”. New normal hopefully means we can slowly start to travel again. So, to prepare for your next traveling adventure we thought we would share some of our favorite travel essentials!

13 Amazon travel essentials

Pack it up and get ready to go!


For frequent weekend travel….. a must-have is a carry-on roller suitcase. We’ve tried many and the most important feature is the ability to roll when it is FULLY packed. Right now, our favorite choice is the Away brand. The Away carry-on has a polycarbonate hard shell which is better for protecting fragile items in your suitcase versus a softshell. It has a TSA-approved combination lock for extra safety, 360° spinner wheels, and weighs 7.1lbs. But the best part is the 9 color options and 6 limited edition colors. This carry-on opens down the middle (clamshell style) but has no outside pocket. They have a 100-day trial period on everything they make. It is pricey so it is definitely an investment. It is one of those items that you fork out the money upfront and the more you use it the price per use makes the total price go down.

pink Away luggage



If you need a front outside pocket, we’ve also had Travelpro. This is a line that many airline crews choose to use. It is more suited to roll behind you rather than upright. It comes in several color choices and is softshell with a top opening.

travelpro luggage


eBags Mother Lode Jr Travel Backpack is pretty great! It opens up like a suitcase, has a water bottle holder and can be carried as a backpack or like a suitcase. It has so many pockets you will forget where you put your items. Separate computer pockets to keep your laptop safe. We go back and forth between tote and backpack. The tote in the picture that mom has is very old, here’s something similar.

Luggage Strap:

Along with our roller suitcase you need to have a luggage strap, which holds your purse or hand carry to your roller suitcase. It comes in a 2 pack and it’s like a bungee cord holding your bag securely to the top of your roller bag. This bungee cord makes life so much easier as you roll your bag around the airport! Mom is using the luggage strap to secure down a Clevermade cooler.luggage strap

Clevermade Cooler:

This is an awesome travel cooler because it folds down flat and can be stored in your luggage. If you need a cooler or an extra piece of luggage it expands to 50 can capacity.


travel cooler in grey collapsible


Water Bottle:

We’ve spent so much unnecessary money on water bottles at the airport. The price is inflated and it’s an expense that you don’t need to make. Instead, we’ve tried numerous travel water bottles (lost just as many) and so far, this is the best one we found!! This bottle is made of silicone and it can be rolled up to save space. In addition to rolling up, it has a leak-proof valve so no spillage on the plane. Comes in several different colors and is under $15.

Coffee Mug Caddy:

This suitcase cup holder attaches with Velcro around the handle of your suitcase. It’s pretty strong, we haven’t had issues with it coming apart. It’s easy to put your phone or wallet for easy access. Folds up flat so it doesn’t take up room.

Airplane Must Haves!

Airplane Pocket Tray Cover:

Once you’re on the airplane we got you covered there as well!! Keep things clean with this airplane pocket tray cover! It’s the best, so soft, fits on every airplane we’ve been on (Hawaiian, Delta, American, and United) and when the tray is up it’s an accessory organizer for your phone or charger cords, etc.

best travel essentials airplane pocket

Foot Rest:

For those of you who have short legs this is a life saver! It hangs over the food tray and you can rest your feet like a hammock. You can adjust the height depending on how long your legs are. It rolls up small and can fit in your carry on. This is worth it for short people.

Cell Phone Stand:

We also found this Flex Flap cell phone holder. It’s 9×5 inches and paper-thin so it’s fabulous for traveling!

travel essentials flex flap cell phone stand


But the most important item for the airplane is noise-canceling headphones!! Noise-canceling is not only great for music and watching movies, but it helps to block out crying babies or loud voices and the airplane motor. It takes the edge off of all the noise that goes on in an airplane. Mom has Sony 100X M3 (wireless, Bluetooth, over the ear), we have an old Bose model , Bose QuietComfort 15. This model is wired (if you prefer wired), but Bose is a great brand and the newer wireless models do not disappoint!

earphone travel essentials

Charger Cords:

Grab yourself some charger cords and check out more items (here) that we take when we travel.

Selfie Stick:

This little gadget is the best! It’s folds up to 7.87” and it can also convert to a tripod. You can squeeze this into any small space and you’re ready for any picture taking!!

Pack in your suitcase!!

Shoe Bag:

These travel shoes bags have lasted us years! Thin waterproof material but strong, zippers are well made. Comes in various prints or solid.

Travel Steamer:

Small but packs a punch! This little steamer does the job! 240ML capacity so it can steam more than 1 clothing item. If you pack light you could fit it in your roller suitcase if not, it’s a good size for a check-in.

Travel hangers:

10 pcs travel hangers fold up small and unfold to full size hanger. Pretty sturdy and very portable!

Cosmetic Bag:

Definitely pricey but worth the price per use!! Stephanie Johnson make up bags are awesome! Mom has 2 sizes the medium is perfect for a weekend and roller suitcase. The jumbo is definitely for longer trips. The zipper is very sturdy, it’s boxy so very roomy, and clear plastic so you can see everything inside. Mom has had hers for years and they still look brand new!

Stephanie Johnson cosmetics case

Paravel Fold-Up Duffle:

Paravel has a beautiful looking fold up duffle bag. Folded it’s dimensions are 9.75” x 8”, duffle is 18” x 11” x 11.5. It’s durable and classy and we’ve had it for years. It comes in various colors and you can monogram it! It takes up very little space, so you can pack it in your roller suitcase. But…. if you buy too many things on your trip you can always unfold it and use it as an extra piece of luggage. See how to fold and unfold it here.

Jewelry Case:

Amazon has a great option, space for your necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Not too bulky but just the right size to carry your essentials. A nice pricer version would be Mejuri, a little square box but space for a lot of jewelry and you can get it monogrammed. Very well made and worth the price.

You are all set for your next trip!! Safe travel!