Perfect Jacket from Summer to Winter

Cardigan jacket front closure with external pockets softest material

Transition Jacket

Bundle up, bundle up with your perfect jacket. Watch it all fall ? out.

Figuring out what jacket can take you from summer to winter can be a little tricky.  This jacket is light enough to use during the summer but can be layered for the winter months and still be fashionable.

Grey cardigan perfect jacket very soft and comfortable

This is Kaylin’s perfect jacket from Fabletics! She found that its a great transition from the summer to the winter weather.  This gray jacket can also be worn with any top and still be comfortable and look fashionable.  This jacket has the softest inside liner EVER, which makes it the most comfortable jacket she owns.  This jacket also looks good with any athletic attire.

You can also find the white halter top at Fabletics. It is very light and easy to throw on and literally will match with any outer wear.

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Review- literally the softest inside lining EVER! It’s one of the most comfortable jackets I own. I haven’t stopped wearing it especially with more athletic looks.

Update from original posting. Jacket is no longer available so here are other options: