Don’t Have Time | Quick Morning Workout!

Portable elliptical for quick morning workout

Quick Morning Workout Routine

  • 10 min on portable elliptical with arm raises⁣
  • 5 sets of:⁣
    • 20 squats⁣
    • 5 calf raises each (toes pointed in, straight and out)⁣
    • 10 push ups⁣
    • 10 sit ups
  • 5 min on portable elliptical


A quick and easy morning workout routine that will jump-start your metabolism. A good morning routine is a great way to start your day. Raising your metabolism first thing in the morning results in burning more calories throughout the day. The more calories you burn will give you the added benefit of losing weight. Don’t forget to have a well-balanced breakfast after your morning workout. This short workout is the best way to start your day! Always remember, any exercise during any time of the day is better than no exercise at all.

portable elliptical for quick morning workout

Kaylin: Morning workout in my PJs (and yes, spandex underneath). Literally rolled out of bed to do this. So fast, easy, not super intense and got my day started on a good note. I use this elliptical and have one at home and one at work!

Mom: Don’t waste anytime… when you’re watching tv, sitting at your desk or standing at the counter jump on the elliptical! I have the same model but in silver