My Favorite Blue Light Glasses

blue light glasses tortoise shell color

Do you work at a computer all day?

We both have jobs that force us to stare at a computer screen all day long! We both have tried blue light glasses and we feel it helps with eyestrain. Although, there is a lack of conclusive evidence that the glasses reduce eyestrain or protect from the effects of blue light. Blue-light blocking glasses claim to have filters in their lenses that “block or absorb blue light and in some cases UV light, from getting through”.

bluelight glasses

Budget is always something we are always mindful of, so we put together some budget-friendly stylish options:

  • Kaylin wearing: The tortoiseshell glasses are part of a 3 pack that includes black and clear from Amazon for  under $15
  • Mom: has purchased through Eye Buy Direct
    • here’s more blue light information
    • $19-60 plus frame cost and you can use Rakuten. Choose your frame and then select a blue light option, you don’t even need to have a prescription.
  • Mom/Kaylin: has purchased through Jins (Alternative Fit option, Best option ever for those who have a flat nose bridge!!!)
    • At time of post free blue light lenses
    • If you live by a Jins you’re so lucky because you can get your glasses in 30 minutes or online ordering is extremely easy!
  • Firmoo is another budget friendly option, look out for specials!


Best blue light glasses