“Da Big Stick” for Post Workout Recovery!

post workout recovery with da big stick in black

Post Workout Recovery

A staple of Kouture is to promote health and exercise. Along with exercise, it’s just as important to do post-workout recovery. The Okuma family has been participating in sports for the past 20+ years! This post is truly a family adventure. This started as fundraising for our softball teams. Our coaches obtained the supplies and produced all the sticks that were sold. The most popular purchases were for Christmas gifts or those who had desk jobs. People who have desk jobs and sit at the computer all day tend to have neck issues and “da big stick” helps to melt those knots out!

post workout recovery

post-workout recovery with da big stick in whiteFast forward 15 years later and one of the Okuma daughters decided to continue to sell “Da Big Stick” because she used it for post work recovery when she was weightlifting. See her Etsy store for various color choices!

A little about how to use “Da Big Stick” and post work recovery. To use the stick, place it on the area that needs stretching and use the U-shaped handle to leverage your weight to press out any knots. By placing the stick on your neck (which is the most common use), you’re able to work the knots out, but it can also be used on your back or legs in any area that needs some stretching. We need to treat our body with care and the best way is through exercising and post workout recovery.

post-workout recovery da big stick

Check-out @da_big_stick on instagram

Or her Etsy shop: dabigstick

post-workout recovery with da big stick in silver