Making Cardio Workouts Enjoyable

Make Cardio workouts enjoyable

Cardio Workouts that are Enjoyable

Here’s some great idea for making cardio workouts enjoyable! There’s a common phrase to “kill 2 birds with one stone” meaning you might as well incorporate something you enjoy or don’t mind doing to make your cardio workouts enjoyable!

Know what works for you. For myself, I need cardio workouts even if it’s not my favorite. But knowing me, I love a good show and/or a good view. So my go tos are a treadmill + watching a shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu using my iPad/iPhone. Other favorites of mine are going on a scenic outdoor run or hike (hikes in Hawaii). This won’t work for everyone but find what works for you and make it happen! 

Here are a few more examples that could energize you to take the plunge. Outdoor activities could include swimming, biking, paddling, surfing, or even tennis? You could also ask others if they want to workout with you (see workout buddy), or during this pandemic time talking on the phone/virtually to someone that lives far/near to you while you workout?  Before you know it you won’t want to miss a day of cardio workouts!