Inspire Someone Today

opportunity to inspire

How to Inspire Someone

Everybody has a opportunity to inspire someone today and possibly help change a person’s life! Make a conscious effort to do something or say a few words that can help another person realize their worth and potential. For example, Bethany Hamilton, a 30 year old surfer, is such an inspirational story.  At age 13, Bethany survived a 2003 shark attack when her left arm was bitten off, see her inspiring story here.

Her story is about survival and perseverance, for what should/could have been a fatal attack. She scrambled desperately to shore where a friend’s father created a tourniquet out of a surfboard leash. He used the leash to wrap it tightly around her bicep to stop the rushing blood. Even though she loss her arm she overcame that major obstacle and turned pro in 2007. Bethany is such an inspiration to watch and has won several surfing titles since. She is still competing and trying to qualify for the Women’s Championship Tour in 2021. 

For Bethany returning to surfing and competing was not enough, she is also an accomplished speaker and author. Her inspiration and accomplishments don’t stop there. Bethany’s family and friends started a charitable foundation called the Friends of Bethany Hamilton Foundation. The foundation was created to support and inspire others through Bethany’s life story. In 2011 her story was told on the big screen, “Soul Surfer”. Watching her story inspires people to pursue anything they desire in life. In conclusion, a reporter asked her what she would do if given the chance to undo the loss of her arm. She says that she would still lose it because she can embrace more people now than she ever could with both arms.