3 Ways to Learn Something New!

Ways to Learn Something New

Even the wisest mind has something yet to learn.

– George Santayana

See our 3 ways to learn!

Have you heard the phrase “learning never stops”? It’s a phrase we hear all the time but have you ever taken action? Learning can be the best way to keep you motivated and moving towards a positive lifestyle. We put together 3 easy ways to learn something new, free, paid per class, and subscription. Don’t let your normal routine become boring and start to feel a lack of motivation. Be inspired and try some of our free learning options or take the deep plunge and pay for one!

Free Options

One of the best ways to get out of this rut is to find something new to learn! The easiest and lowest budget way to kick start this is to add to something existing. It can be as simple as trying a new recipe, or a new exercise program. We really like the Nike app, it is free and there’s a large variety of workouts. Go to the app store and search Nike Training Club, its an Editor Choice.

A Second free option would be to add something different to your normal routine. Maybe using technology to make a task you do easier. We use Microsoft office products at work. In Outlook, if you wanted to flag an email from a particular person, there’s a feature to color-code. Don’t be afraid to try something new. It might help to up your game!

  • Go to View
  • View settings
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Select “ok”

  • Select “Font”

  • Change any of the following: Font, Font Style, and Size
  • The most import is to change the COLOR

  • Select “Add”

  • Select “Add”
  • Name: give this rule a name
  • Select “condition”
  • Select “ok”

  • Select “All Mail Fields”
  • Select the filter that suits your needs
  • The email will show the color you chose on previous selection above

A third free option (because  Chic for Cheap is all about getting good deals) for learning is listening to a podcast. For those who have iPhones just search anything that might interest you.

Last free option is YouTube! Again search any topic. Our latest find is how to customize your iPhone or iPad home screen.

YouTube Logo PNG, Transparent YouTube Logo Icon Free DOWNLOAD

Pay Per Class

There are also very good paid sites to take classes. One site we have found and really like is Udemy. It’s an open online course provider and you can pay per class, so you only pay for what you’re interested in. They have several categories of classes from marketing, design, business, IT software, personal development. Classes start from as low as 12.00. Wait for a sale because they always have specials and they participate in Rakuten. Deals can’t get better than that!! We’ve taken classes and they are fabulous!

Udemy Logo - PNG and Vector - Logo Download


A bigger commitment to learning would be a subscription online learning service site like LinkedIn learning (formerly Lynda.com) They have the same types of courses as Udemy, but you pay a monthly fee and you have access to the full library of classes. We’ve had a subscription from the time it was Lynda.com.

Hopefully, this can kick start your year to learn something new!