How to Accept Compliments

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Recognize the affection and good wishes of others, even if you’re not familiar with them

How to accept compliments can be difficult for many. Depending on your setting, are you with a big group, one on one or at work? Each setting can be handled differently or you might feel comfortable to handle all of situations the same way? 

Below are strategies to accept compliments

Here’s some simple strategies for one on one situations: 

  1. Simply say “Thank You”
  2. Don’t argue
  3. Don’t overly downplay the compliment

Here’s some simple strategies for big group situations:

  1. Avoid shifting the spotlight but yet give credit where it’s due
  2. Demonstrate appropriate nonverbal behavior
  3. Be gracious and take it to heart

At work you can use a combination of both situations: 

  1. Acknowledge praise and show appreciation
  2. Refrain from interrupting the compliment
  3. Accepting compliments with gratitude

How to accept compliments will get easier with practice practice practice!!! Soon it will feel natural. 

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