Friendships are Important for Laughing and Sharing



Friendships are critical in balancing a healthy life. 

Keep those who can laugh and share with you in your heart at all times.

In this pandemic time, it’s so important to stay connected with your friends! Although we can’t gather in large groups, we can still laugh and share and keep those close relationships through different venues. Try some of the options……

  • Use technology to stay connected
  • Take a few moments to send a text to someone
  • Call someone you haven’t talk to in a while
  • Send a letter or a card to someone 
  • exercise with a partner at a distance and wearing masks

Even though the pandemic has taken a toll on our country there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines will be coming soon and in the coming months, we will work on vaccinating everyone. In the meantime please hang on and continue to be safe by wearing masks, washing your hands, and social distancing. Keep your friendships strong and we will all make it to the other side!