Face Masks can be Stylish!

face masks

Lets Wear Face Masks

2020 has been a year we will remember for a LONG time! One of the biggest changes we went through was having to wear face masks. Masks became an additional item you took with you when leaving the house.

When COVID first hit it finding a proper mask was difficult. This lead many people to sew homemade masks. As the year has gone by masks became easier to obtain and the selections are now endless. Now that we have so many choices we might as well make them stylish!

face masks



Nothing more Wellness Wednesday than literally taking care of your health! Been loving these new masks by @manoamade808
Check them out! I work in a hospital, live in a mask all day everyday and FINALLY feel sooo comfortable and stoked on these ? stay safe and healthy everyone ❤️

polka dot face mask

Additional places to purchase comfortable face masks

Mask Safety

The CDC recommends washing hands, avoid close contact (6 feet distance between people), cover your mouth and nose with a mask, cover when you cough and sneeze, and finally clean and disinfect. All of these items are important to help stop this virus from spreading. You might feel masks are a nuisance. Masks are a small addition to your daily routine that can help everyone be a little safer. 

The surgical mask is fluid-resistant and disposable. This type of mask is convenient and meant for one-time usage.

Homemade cloth masks are best when they have at least two layers.  CDC has instructions on how to sew your own. You can get creative with color, design, style, and material.

Other options are T-shirt/Bandana style but the effectiveness of these styles is unknown at this time. These masks are not snug below your mouth, making it easier for particles to escape.

The N95 masks and other respirators should be kept for health care providers. 

The bottom line is any mask is always better than no mask at all!

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