Introducing Chic for Cheap by Ko2uture

Introducing Ko2uture

Welcome to Chic for Cheap by Ko2uture!

chic for cheap fashion on a budget green tank and taupe jumpsuit

About Chic for Cheap

Fashion Inspiration on a budget! Is keeping up with trends exhausting? Expensive? “Shop the TRENDS” w/ ko” (Kaylin) for young trendy ideas! Or “SHOP the Look” w/ KO (mom) for casual office workwear. Chic for Cheap is our motto! We are a mother-daughter duo who strive to find affordable ways to keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion.  Along with fashion we want to share ideas with you to help create your best life!

Motivational Monday

We will start off  with Motivational Monday we want to inspire, motivate, self-help, self-improvement all things to help you enjoy and see life in a more positive way!

Wellness Wednesday health and fitness

Wellness Wednesday

Visit us on Wellness Wednesday where we will focus on beauty products, skin care and health and fitness!

Fashion Friday fashion on a budget

Fashion Friday

Lastly, Fashion Friday we will bring affordable budget friendly outfits! Or weekly “Chic for Cheap” clothes for work with lots of outfits to enhance the rectangle shape body! We shop a variety of stores and always look for deals.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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Tips and Tricks
Motivational Monday’s to get yourself motivated
Wellness Wednesday’s to get beautiful and healthy
Fashion Friday’s for more fashion tips

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